Eating Good with The Good Egg. Again.

In November, Oklahoma City based dining group, The Good Egg, opened the second location of their hit Classen Curve concept- Republic Gastropub.  Awesome, right?  The best part? As of spring break, I’m the newest employee!

So, what the hell even is a gastropub?

Oxford Dictionary– “A pub that specializes in serving high-quality food”.


 ‘you’re in a bar. your drink is great. the food isn’t. why?’ 

This British concept is challenging this theory

Reasons to Visit:


At Republic, we strive to have an outstanding bar selection. Yes, we have your cocktails classics (and a few of our own), wine, and bourbons- we wouldn’t neglect you like that. However, if you walk into Republic, you will quickly gather that our focus behind the bar is, you guessed it, BEER.  We are 100% behind the American Craft Beer movement that’s been happening and have curated an impressive beer list for our guests to explore and enjoy. With 100 custom taps rotating unique beers from all over the Midwest and roughly 250 hand selected bottles from around the world, we’ve got plenty of options.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 5.51.35 AM
100 custom taps


Although the menu includes several finer dining options, the Chefs have focused on re-envisioning the bar classics we know all too well, want to love, and prayed for drastic taste improvements- unless you were already drunk. You order a burger in a bar and receive a formerly frozen, now burnt “meat” patty on dry bread. At Republic, all burgers are made from locally raised 100% grass-fed black Angus creating the best taste at the highest quality. Notice the keyword above– Chefs. The entire kitchen staff is professionally trained.  Am I saying that this should be a job requirement? No. What I am saying, or rather reiterating, is that I have never met a group who care as much as the Chefs at Republic. The high standards set in place by The Good Egg are to ensure that the plate you receive not only looks/tastes the best, but is the best.


Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 5.52.46 AM
personal favorite- classen burger(our version of a classic theta burger)



Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 5.52.16 AM
black bean toast stack


All. That. Matters.


Open concept. Full-length windows. Dark. Two stories. Patio balcony. Fire pit. Lounge areas. Sporting Events. Dog-Friendly. Great music. Excellent food. Insane bar selection. Amazing staff.


Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 5.51.14 AM
downstairs dining area- portion of beer wall noticeable in background


What more could you want?

Don’t Jeopardize Taste for a Decent Pour.



Classen Curve-5830 N Classen Blvd-(405) 286-4577
Chisholm Creek-13230 Pawnee Dr #115-(405) 607-5900



Cheers to local food joints, discounts, flowers, live music, payday, words, and wearing whatever makes you feel inspired! Onward! -JCRG



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